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Experienced business people and new entrepreneurs alike seek legal advice and representation from James M. Weaver, PA. Taking that bold step into your own business or growing an existing one is too important to leave up to chance. Get the legal representation you deserve and make sure all your business legal ducks are in a row, ready to serve you at their best.

James M. Weaver, PA

At the Central Florida law office of James M. Weaver, PA, you are a priority and treated with the same care and attention we  give to our own family members. Many people come to us because they are interested is forming a business, but are unaware of which business structure best meet their needs. We have helped hundreds of people get the right start in business or grow their existing businesses, to exceptional profitability.

With each business structure, you gain different advantages, including protecting yourself and your assets from certain liabilities. These are three main categories of business structure to consider using:

  • Sole Proprietorship – you are the principal owner, investor and operator
  • Partnership – you and one or more other people combine knowledge, skill and finances to create a business
  • Corporation – there are several sub-categories here, including a full corporate structure, sub-corporation structures and LLCs. These businesses can be run by multiple owners and may have a board of directors and others involved in operations.

Even if you already know which business structure you want to create, it is good to get legal advice and representation to make sure everything is done right and that all your legal documents are valid. If you skip this step, you may have trouble in the future that will be far more costly than your initial business set-up. By using and documenting the proper business structure, you can protect your personal liability, shelter your assets and gain tax advantages.

Lake Wales Business Formation Attorney

We are “Here, for good.” We will ensure that you get a firm footing and valid legal documents for your business. Our Lake Wales Business Formation Attorneys can work with you at any stage of business formation or growth, to help you prepare for success and profitability. Attorney James M. Weaver has over four decades of experience helping clients with business law issues, and other legal services including Probate.

Get a head start on your successful endeavor  by working with our Business Formation & Transactions Attorney at James W. Weaver, PA, Lake Wales, FL. To discuss your business law concerns, call us now at 863.676.6000, for your complimentary consultation.


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