Probate in all Florida Counties

Probate in all Florida Counties

Our experienced Florida probate attorneys will assist you in every stage of the probate process. We will ensure that the decedent’s assets are protected, creditors are kept at bay, and that ultimately, all heirs receive their rightful share. We routinely assist in resolving issues stemming from the following questions:

  • What if there is no will or the will is missing?
  • What if an heir is omitted in the will?
  • Is the homestead protected from creditors?
  • What assets are exempt from creditors?
  • To whom is the furniture and furnishings given?
  • How should bank accounts be handled?
  • Is there a penalty to cash in C.D.’s?
  • How is the car title transferred?
  • What about income taxes or estate taxes?
  • Who pays the doctor and hospital bills?
  • What about credit card bills?
  • What about travel and lodging reimbursement?
  • When can assets be distributed?
  • Who distributes the assets?
  • How are funeral expenses paid?

We offer probate services in all Florida counties, including Polk, Hardee, Highlands, and Orange. If you are faced with the task of initiating a probate administration, read our Florida Probate Checklist for a place to start.  For answers to some of the questions we are asked most often, please read our FAQs about Probate page.

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Probate Misconceptions

Unfortunately, probate has the reputation of being a very long and expensive process. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Each attorney at  James M Weaver, PA has dealt with various aspects of probate law. We have assisted clients on a regular basis in transferring a decedent’s assets. Whether your concern is reducing creditor bills for the family or locating missing assets, our attorneys will confidently show you that probate can be a streamlined process – both in and out-of-state.

Out-of-State (“Ancillary”) Probate Process

Quite often, Personal Representatives (or “Executors”) of an estate do not reside in Florida. Our firm is adept at assisting out-of-state Personal Representatives so they can handle their loved one’s estate without having to travel to Florida. Be assured that we are able to accommodate your schedule and needs.

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